You won't go far in the Fens without seeing a stand of willow, sometimes growing beside one of the many drains and channels which network the area, sometimes growing in larger areas of mixed woodland.

Years ago, local willow was thoughtfully managed, coppiced and the wands and rods used for weaving baskets, fish and eel traps, hats, sometimes fencing panels and all kinds of other useful things. Today, it's been largely sidelined by modern materials and cheap imports although a small group of craftsmen keep the traditions alive.

The power of a cut willow wand to strike roots is well-known - as are tales of fence posts and forgotten washing line poles taking root in the garden and producing green shoots in the spring.

Living Willow takes that rooting ability and uses it to create strong woven structures for play and for shade. Partners Rob Tily and Nick Williams began planting in 1994 and today their willow is flourishing in schools, gardens, a medical practice play area, open spaces and other sites where it can be enjoyed by young and old.

More and more people are choosing Living Willow for shade and play in green places where it blends in naturally in a way that manmade things can't. Our structures are individually tailored to your needs and easy to look after. We provide maintenance advice and offer a follow-up maintenance service. If you would like to book, or if you would like more information, you can reach us via the details on our Contacts page.