We plant our willow structures from November through to the end of March. We coppice the rods, mostly second and third year salix viminalis, or common osier, at a number of sites in the area but largely from the Royal estate at Sandringham.

For shade we plant bowers which make perfect informal sitting areas or a good place for a garden seat. We try to face them roughly north for maximum shade and they normally have a frontage of 3 metres, a depth of 1.5 metres and a height of 1.4 metres. A bower like this would comfortably house a large garden bench, but we can alter the dimensions as you require.

For play we plant tunnels and domes. Tunnels can be of any length and design and of a height to suit the children who'll be using them. These tunnels have proved very popular with children, and porthole windows add to their appeal.
Domes begin at 2.5 metres diameter, although they can be bigger. They have entrances and optional porthole windows. We also plant living willow fencing, which can be pierced by archways.

Any of these structures can be combined to produce an exciting play area, and we are happy to create a design to suit your needs.