In the summer term we offer primary schools workshops with a difference. As well, as covering the basics of weaving, we work with children to make willow sculptures which schools keep as a permanent reminder of the day.

Children meet the unstripped brown willow canes which have been soaked until they are supple, discover some of the history and traditions of willow weaving in East Anglia and practise basic techniques.Throughout the day we take groups of children of all ages, although those at Key Stage Two will be able to get more involved than the very young ones.

Working together we produce large, freeform sculptures.Our winged mini-beasts can be suspended inside or out to produce a striking school display.You might find a small space in the schoolground for our model Iron Age village with its woven huts and perimeter fence. Perhaps a robust, woven hurdle fence would be useful around the school garden.

Our workshops have been highly praised. They are fun and rewarding as well as educationally useful. We've worked in primary schools for many years and we are experienced at motivating and organising children.

If you would like to book, or if you would like more information, please contact us via details on the Contacts page.